Our Vision
Safe and effective learning environments where all youth excel academically, socially and physically.

Our Mission
To support educators by engaging community and business leaders to be more intentional in modeling
ethical behavior and positive character traits.
Who We Are

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“Omitting character education from standards-based programs may seem to send the message that character and conduct are not important and are not a measure of a school’s success.” --Tom Lickona, Ph.D., Director Center for the 4th & 5th R’s
Our Role
Provide leadership in sustaining a character education-training academy that offers the best professional development opportunities for all educators.
Mobilize comprehensive community-wide support for effective evidence based character education best practices.
Facilitate integration of effective evidence based character development practices within all sectors of the community who have significant contact with youth.
Promote and sustain effective evaluation and research methodology to assess the effectiveness of character education best practices.
Provide expert grant writing, donor development and relationship management that will sustain this initiative over the long term.
Collaborating Organizations

The FFCD collaborates with the following expert resources in the field of character education to support this local initiative:

Character Education Partnership (CEP), Washington D.C.
CEP is widely considered to be the nation’s leading advocate and resource for quality character education initiatives.  The CEP staff is comprised of experienced practitioners trained in CEP’s Eleven Principles of Character Education, a research based framework that has been proven to reduce disciplinary referrals and increase academic performance in a wide range of schools across the country.

Center for Character & Citizenship, University of Missouri-St. Louis-College of Education
The Center is led by Dr. Marvin Berkowitz Ph.D, one of the world’s leading published researchers and scholars in the field of Developmental Psychology.  The Center generates and disseminates knowledge and research about how individuals develop moral and civic character and provides educators and social organizations with the tools they need to contribute to this development.

CHARACTERplus, St. Louis, Missouri 
CHARACTERplus is recognized as the largest local community-wide advocate for character education in the nation.  Started in 1988 by Sanford M. McDonnell, Chairman Emeritus, and a group of educators, parents and business leaders, these concerned citizens decided that something had to be done about the deterioration of basic values. They provide professional development, document best practices and evaluate the impact of character education for more than 600 schools in over 100 districts throughout Missouri and Illinois.

Institute for Excellence & Ethics, Layfayette, NY

The Institute for Excellence & Ethics (IEE) is a nonprofit organization specializing in professional development, curriculum design, assessment and consulting services. IEE develops and disseminates research-based tools for building the culture of excellence and ethics in school, sport, workplace, home and community.

The National School Climate Center (NSCC)

The NSCC supports educators, students, parents/guardians and community members learning and working together to understand and address the tasks that shape a research-based school climate improvement process.
Our Staff
FFCD is a 501 (c)(3)
non-profit organization

7100 Baseline Road
Boulder, CO  80303
Ph. 303.516.1234
Mark G. Jennings, M.Ed.; Founder
Mark is originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and moved to Colorado in 1973 to attend Colorado State University. He has a Bachelor’s Degree’s in Industrial Arts Education and a Masters Degree in Education in Counseling. Mark founded a non-profit organization in 2002 providing support services for families and disadvantaged youth using experiential educational activities. In 2004, Mark established relationships with Cherry Creek Schools and Denver Public Schools, implementing leadership and mentoring programs respectively. He learned that character development needs to be consistently modeled by “all significant” adults coming in contact with youth. That understanding has been the driving force behind the evolution of the organization, leading to the formation of The Foundation for Character Development.
Jim Olmstead, Director of Strategic Partnerships
Jim has been providing guidance and support in the planning and development of the FFCD from 2006-Present. Jim has over 25 years experience in non-profit organizational development, fundraising, program evaluation, board and volunteer development.  Jim led 16 United Way Campaigns in five cities by providing leadership and support to volunteer community leaders in raising over $100M during his career.  He has provided consult to many non-profit service providers in developing strategic plans; fund development plans and logic models to better document how program services impact desired outcomes.
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