The Colorado State Schools of Character Awards Program

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The State Schools of Character (SSOC) Awards Program and the National Schools of Character (NSOC) is sponsored by the Character Education Partnership (CEP) the leading national advocate for the character education movement. The CEP administers the prestigious (NSOC) awards program to provide educators and school communities with models of effective character education. The CEP honors approximately 10 schools/districts each year at the CEP National Forum on Character Education and highlights their stories in an annual publication and on the CEP web site. These exemplars then become ambassadors for effective character education both locally through the SSOC Awards Program and nationally through the NSOC Awards Program.   Schools that have qualified for a state award are better prepared and more likely to win a national award.

The FFCD has selected two educators from schools in Colorado that have previously been recognized as a National School of Character to evaluate applications from schools.  Since these schools have won the national award these experienced educators are able to share feedback and support to those schools applying for both the state and a national award. To see examples of NSOC Award Winners, please click HERE.

Colorado State Schools of Character Awards Program
Sponsored by
The Foundation for Character Development

Provide recognition to exemplar schools and districts in Colorado demonstrating an outstanding character education initiative that has yielded improvements in student behavior, school culture and academic achievement.

1.Encourage schools winning awards to share best practices with other schools.
2.Improve post secondary readiness through the internalization of 21st century life and applied skills such as being responsible, improved critical thinking and the ability to work cooperatively in teams.

To learn more about how to apply for the Colorado SSOC Awards Program
Please click HERE

The Character Education Partnership has chosen the Foundation for Character Development (FFCD) as the local coordinating organization for the State Schools of Character Awards Program.   
“FFCD has enabled RHMS to critically evaluate our character education initiative by celebrating and implementing a framework that allows for common language, consistent expectations and a safe/positive learning environment where all students can experience success.”
-Patricia Dierberger,
Principal Rocky Heights Middle School
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