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The Foundation for Character Development
Inspiring Academic Achievement and Responsible Citizenship
Character Development
The Role of The Foundation for Character Development

The Foundation for Character Development (FFCD) is dedicated to promoting among adults and youth, effective modeling and internalization of universally accepted core virtues such as self-discipline, integrity, honesty, responsibility, perseverance and empathy for others.  The term character includes the emotional, intellectual and socially accepted virtues needed to be successful in life.  Our premise is that through comprehensive and effective modeling and practice, youth will be more likely to internalize the core virtues needed to be more successful in school, and eventually in the workplace, but most importantly, in life.

The FFCD has conducted research nationally to assess the linkages between effective character education within the context of a healthy school culture, and outcomes valued by educational stakeholders and employers in our community. We found that when an initiative is effectively implemented in a district or in a given school, those schools experienced significant improvement in one or more of the following outcomes:

·Increased student attendance
·Improved academic achievement
·Reduced student disciplinary referrals
·Improved teacher retention

We’ve learned that effective character education is not a quick-fix program or curriculum that can be easily assimilated based on the experience in one classroom. It must be viewed as a school-wide cultural change process that requires leadership, broad stakeholder commitment, effective implementation, rigorous scientific evaluation, and multi-year sustainability. 

We found that schools achieving the above outcomes typically have the following components:

·Strong collegiality among faculty and staff
·A commitment to life-long learning
·An expertly facilitated collaborative process among all stakeholders

The FFCD will match schools and districts up with the following resources necessary to ensure that an effective character education initiative is implemented:

·Support in securing funding to sustain the initiative
·Expert facilitation and professional development training
·On-site coaching/training the trainers
·Outreach and community development
·Evidence based research

FFCD is a 501 (c)(3)
non-profit organization

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